Get involved

The project combines a survey of relevant businesses and interviews with business owners, industry representatives and policy makers. We will be circulating a short questionnaire to businesses across Scotland including:

  • Music venues
  • Pub / bars
  • Restaurants / cafés
  • Theatres / arts centres
  • Record shops
  • Musical instrument shops
  • Hotels / B&Bs / hostels
  • Travel agents / destination marketing companies

If you are involved in one of the above or any other business or organisation connected with music and tourism you can participate by filling in a questionnaire and/or giving an interview.

The questionnaire takes a maximum of 15 minutes to complete and will help us to identify current areas of strength, opportunities for growth, and requirements for training, support and investment to help businesses and organisations benefit from music (and) tourism.

Click here to complete the questionnaire

Alongside the more in-depth interview data, the questionnaire  will help us to identify potential for collaboration within and between sectors and ways in which policy makers might be able to help sustain current activities and facilitate growth.